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KU native mobile apps offer you another channel for your business, to engage with clients, increase loyalty, retention, and sales. Create an app to enable your customers to buy products, order services, receive benefits, book appointments, contact you directly and much more.


Manage and track appointments, offer clients mobile self booking. Reduce no shows, manage and enable group scheduling, calaendar sync and more.


An automated reward program, flexiable membership, digital loyalty cards and more. Comprehensive statistic and activities dashboard.


Onile orders and sales tracking, shipping and more. Varity or currencies, junlimited products and categories. All credit cads and PayPal accepted. Shopping Cart and express checkout.


Send instant or scheduled messages. Set recurringreminders on daily, weekly, monthly, annual bases. Geo Location, engage customers and more.


Enable your customers to review, rate and recomend and give feedback. Develop closer relationships with clients build on trust.


Display your own website within your app. Add a link to a landing page or website, enable customers to browse your website while still in your app. Display anything.


  • Invite multiple people to edit and manage your app from their own bobile accounts.
  • Delegate assignments enable employees to manage orders from your mobile shop or manage your booking calendar for you.
  • Grant your team, employees and whomever you want permission to contribute to your app, and limit their access based on your needs.
  • Create as many custom roles as you wish with different levels of permissions for every business need.
  • Manually apply the same permission set over and over to each user as you add them to the app with minimum time and effort.


  • Send a payment request to anyone who places an order in your mobile shop, scheduled an appointment, joined a class and more.
  • Zero commission from bobile’s side.
  • Customers can pay you using PayPal, credit cards and even cash to ensure your business receives payments quickly and efficiently in the most secures manner.
  • Customize your payment request to fit your particular needs and use automated push notifications to establish a weekly or monthly based payment reminder.
  • Users will get a direct payment link for a quicker and easier payment


  • Don’t ever miss a sale! Be available constantly for customers to contact you via your mobile app with in-app messaging.
  • Resolve issues quickly and efficiently, gather user feedback, address customer requests, and provide personalized customer support.
  • Grow sales by providing immediate access to genuine customer support – with a personal touch!

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